Saidwa Fashion Brown Crystal Fashion sunglasses with + 2.5 diopter

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Saidwa Fashion Brown Crystal Fashion sunglasses with + 2.5 diopter


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  • Feature
    This glasses are not only for reading but also sunglasses.
    (1) Prevent computer radiation, especially suitable for outdoor worker to remove facial fatigue.
    (2) The lens density, can prevent the ultraviolet ray in sunshine.
    (3) The lens transparency is good, can prevent aging, resist fatigue.
    (4) The lens hardness, never abrasion.Hard,beautiful color,optical
    performance is stable, will not change in the effect of chemical and
    the atmosphere.
    (5) with high temperature resistance,resistance to strong light,it have very good effect to the eyes.
    (6) crystal is cold, heat insulation, anti-radiation, corrosion
    resistance.Especially for people who engaged in smelting, chemical
    (7) For long time drive or use computer.
    Color:dark brown
    Material:crystal and stainless steel

    Key Features
    • Material:crystal and stainless steel
    • Heat insulation
    • Anti-radiation
    • Corrosion resistance
    • Stable
    • Durability
    Specifications of Brown Crystal Fashion Reading Glasses Sunglasses +2.5 Diopter
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