doctor said She died of typical arsenic poisoning and should be related to the box of rat poison. The time of death was probably yesterday afternoon. There are two tea cups, indicating that she has a visitor."Roberts heard Strong telling her whereabouts every day, and drove to the food store. Within fifteen minutes, Roberts returned to the car and said frustratedly: "Cat food! She buys a can of tuna-flavored cat food every noon. But where did the cat go?" Roberts said, they used Thirty people were inspected several times inside and outside the house. Even the shadow of a cat was not seen. There was no trace of any cat in the house.Two days later, Roberts visited Strom and asked him to assist in the case. Miss Pindrick’s death caused a sensation in the town, and the superior asked Roberts to find out the truth within 24 hours.Roberts said that a student named Gary in Strangbane was a visitor who visited on the day Pindrick died. He took out a small note, which was the receipt of the school newspaper. It was