pressed under the carpet next to the body. The date was Tuesday, the day when the murder took place. This is a "unsubscribe" receipt with Miss Pindrick's name on it and Gary's name on the bottom.Gary is the school's newspaper delivery staff. He is responsible for sending newspapers to the classroom every day, and can earn a little reward, but it is reasonable to say that he can only deliver newspapers within the scope of the school.Roberts also said that there were several scars on the back of Gary's left hand, much like being scratched by a cat. Strong could not believe that Gary was the murderer. Roberts said he was just inviting Strong to go to Gary's house to find out the truth.At the door of Gary's house, Roberts explained the reason for the visit to Gary's mother. At this time, the sound of rapid footsteps and door opening and closing suddenly came from behind the house, and Roberts rushed in. After a while, he escorted Gary into the house.