At noon on Wednesday, Strong did not see Miss Pindrick appear. He worried that she might be ill, so after finishing the afternoon class, Strong found her home. This is a dilapidated house. Strong knocked on the door for a long time, and no one answered. Finally, he tried to twist the door handle. The door "creaked" and the room was silent. From time to time, the sound of mice running around was heard.walked into the living room, and Strong saw Miss Pindrick's body lying on the ground. The expression on her face looked frightened, and the worn carpet underneath was pulled and deformed.Strong tried to calm himself down. He found a box of rat medicine in the kitchen cabinet. The medicine was almost used up. Two cups and a teaspoon were placed in the sink, which had been cleaned. .After receiving the alarm from Strong, Sheriff Roberts investigated the body and the house. After that, he called Strong to the car and talked: "We asked the neighbors, she has lived alone, and there seems to be no opposition. The forensic