Gary looked at his left hand as if it was the first time he saw those scratches. He asked doubtfully: "Cat? What cat?" Gary explained that this was Wednesday, he was joking with a girl. The girl was in a hurry, use The nails pinched the back of his hand, and he retracted it, leaving these marks.Roberts shouted in disgust: "Oh my god! Where did you write this fairy tale? If the girl made it, what's her name?"Gary closed his mouth tightly, stared down at the floor, and shook his head.At this time, Strong's self-talking voice rang out: "rat poison...rat poison. Well, it must be."Roberts asked angrily: "How must it be? Strong? This kid must be lying! Why did he run when he heard the police come home? Why did he refuse to say the girl's name? Because there was no girl at all! I told You, that's a cat scratching. Although I haven't figured out his motives yet, these nonsense stories..."